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Spanish Immersion

1 year and 2 year

This program is offered at the following locations:


Our Spanish immersion programs are places where children can learn a language in an engaging environment, with songs, games, stories, and process arts. Children unlike adults pick up language fast, just as naturally as learning a first language.

The Spanish immersion preschool environment is friendly and relaxing, providing children the chance to take risks as they learn the new language, and encouraging them to be unafraid.

This consistent exposure to Spanish speakers allows children to learn Spanish with the accents of the country and the natural inflections. Language immersion is a form of bilingual education technology which immerses the student (in this case, a preschooler) into a foreign bilingual environment.

Through immersion, your child will build a solid academic foundation, all the while developing bilingual skills, confidence, and cultural awareness.

spanish immersion programs for toddlers help the child learn through engaging in various activities.

  • Theater
  • Storytelling
  • Process Arts
  • Music and Movement
  • Interactive Games
  • Exploring, Experimenting, Engaging!

the benifits

  • A

    Cognitive and linguistic abilities.

    Exposing young children to a second language at a young age can help to develop their cognitive and linguistic abilities, which can benefit them in many areas of life. It can also give them a head start in learning additional languages later on.

  • B

    Foster a sense of empathy

    Teaching Spanish to toddlers can promote a positive attitude towards linguistic and cultural diversity by exposing them to another language and culture at an early age. This can help to counteract the negative effects of stereotypes and prejudice, and foster a sense of empathy and understanding towards people from different cultural backgrounds.

  • C


    Teaching Spanish to toddlers can also create opportunities for them to engage with Spanish-speaking communities, whether it be in person or through technology and media, which can broaden their perspectives and cultural horizons.

  • D

    Ready for a global market.

    In a increasingly interconnected and globalized world, having a deep understanding of different cultures and languages is becoming an essential skill for many jobs. Spanish language skills are becoming essential in the US too, where the Hispanic population is the largest minority and its growing quickly.

one purpose.

cultivate humanity.

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this program is offered at
the following locations:

reaching the highest potential

Thrive @ Littleton

5472 S Federal Circle

Littleton, CO 80123