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plum hill

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plum hill

serving university hills

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thrive preschool, plum hill

a creative and holistic Denver Colorado school for children.

Space to create...



connection to nature

seeing is believing

Join us as we explore, learn, grow, and experience the world together.

Nurturing your child’s passions, play, and imagination drive our learning culture at Thrive, and teach respect for self and others and respect for our home planet.

parent testimonials.

For our community, by our community.

Read dozens of reviews from Thrive parents that provide a window into our world. Laugh, cry and get the warm fuzzies inside.

Jennifer, Parent

“Plum Hill preschool provided me peace of mind by sending picture and video updates frequently while I worked on starting my career as an architect. The teachers are warm, their energy exuberant, and their passion insurmountable. The atmosphere of each classroom is carefully thought out according to development. The spaces are each very inviting and inspire joy. There are 2 goats, Poppy and Pearl, that live on the grounds and make the children laugh with all of their funny goat sounds. It was such a great fit for our family, we moved down to University Hills from the Highlands to send our daughter here. We couldn’t be more fond of this treasure of a preschool.”

Ruthie, Parent

“As a former educator, I can not say enough wonderful things about Plum Hill Preschool. We have 4 children and have had several preschool experiences all over town over the years. We love everything about Plum Hill! The staff are friendly and educated. The "feel" of the school is very calm, clean and organized... They understand the importance of unstructured play and facilitate learning based on what the children show interest in. The children go outside to play and visit the two goats Poppy and Pearl daily. The teachers seem very in tune with what is typical developmental behavior and deal with behaviors with loving redirection (we are in the youngest class). I also love the mostly wood toys instead of plastic toys that sing and flash. I really can't say enough about how happy we are with the school. My two kiddos run into school each morning and lovingly hug each teacher at the end of every day. I feel confident that they are happy and safe while they are there. I would highly recommend!"

Elizabeth, Parent

“Plum Hill is amazing! It’s apparent that this school has been a dream/vision in the works, and I’m so glad it has come to life for our denver community and thrilled we get to be a part of it. We are in Ms. Amy’s class. I love the way she listens and respects each child, and in return, I witness the kids are respectful and responsive to her as well. It’s super clean, and I feel like has best in the world of everything: toys, teachers and staff. Oh, and goats too!”

Jason, Parent

“Plum Hill is truly a wonderful place for our little girl. My partner and I feel exceptionally fortunate to have found this little school when we did and—to be frank—we are a little protective of our secret find. When our toddler is ready to move on to the kids program we don’t want to have to wait for a spot! From the moment we walked in for the open house and recognized the way in which the environment has been so meticulously crafted to help our child become, we were certain this was the right place for us! That’s right. You can feel warmth, respect, and care before any words are ever exchanged. Since then, we’ve been impressed with all of the educators at Plum Hill for their truly intelligent and kind approach to fostering our child’s growth and independence. She always comes home energized and ready to show off what she’s learned during her day. And what’s more, we feel like better parents for what we learn along the way from her and everyone at Plum Hill.”

Josh, Parent

“Plum Hill has a great set-up, they are extremely organized and well run, wonderful teachers and use technology to provide lots of real time information about the progress and activities of the kids throughout the course of a day. Would highly recommend!”

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