3165 S. Washington St.
Englewood, CO 80113
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17602 W. 14th Ave.
Golden, CO 80401
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3060 S. Dahlia St.
Denver, CO 80222
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5472 S Federal Cir
Littleton, CO 80123
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plum hill

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3 years and older

This program is offered at the following locations:

Thrive@Plum Hill

Your child is becoming more independent every day!  In the three-year-old classroom we aim to foster that sense of independence and encourage children to explore freely while we create a curriculum that fosters exploratory growth in social, emotional and academic milestones to prepare them for their PreK year.  We set the environment to encourage healthy risk-taking, problem-solving with their peers, emotional regulation and identification, and teamwork with their fellow classmates.

in these classrooms, we reach towards developmental milestones such as...

  • Social skills such as problem-solving, friendship, turn-taking, and using kind words to express our needs and wants.
  • Understanding other friends hay have different feelings about the same situation.
  • Fine motor skills such as writing, cutting with scissors, and using utensils.
  • Practical skills such as cleaning and organizing, getting dressed independently, following multi-step directions.
  • Exposure to letters and language skills through rhyme, rhythm, circle time, stories, and diverse vocabulary.
  • Math skills such as sorting, classifying, ordering expressing themselves creatively through unique artwork.
  • Gross motor skills through indoor/outdoor play spaces hands-on science, technology, mathematics, and engineering experiences (stem).
  • Exploring, experimenting, engaging!

the daily rhythm.

  • 8:30

    Welcome and Dropoff

    Dropoff outside, place lunches and snacks in classroom

  • 8:45

    Classroom Free Play/Exploration

    Small group activities, choice making times, provocations, exploration with intentional materials, potty transition

  • 10:00

    Circle Time

    Discussions, music, books relating to topic of study

  • 10:30

    Morning Snack.
  • 11:00

    Outdoor Play.

    Indoor large motor activities in wet or cold weather.

  • 11:30

    Small or Large Group Activity.

    Activity, provocation, experiment, or exploration, potty transition.

  • 12:15

    Lunch Time.
  • 12:45

    Prepare for Nap

    Potty transition, wash hands and face, meditation or music to wind down

  • 1:15

    Nap Time.
  • 2:30

    Wake Up Transition.

    Potty transition, wash hands, put belongings away.

  • 2:45

    Afternoon Snack.
  • 3:00

    Say Goodbye to Our Friends, Free Play.

    Outdoor Play/Afternoon Enrichment

  • 4:00

    Core Day Pickup

one purpose.

Cultivate humanity.

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this program is offered at
the following locations:

reaching the highest potential

Thrive @ Englewood

3165 S. Washington St.

Englewood, CO 80113



Thrive @ Golden

7602 W. 14th Ave.

Golden, CO 80401



Thrive @ Denver University Hills

3060 S. Dahlia St.

Denver, CO 80222



Thrive @ Littleton

5472 S Federal Circle

Littleton, CO 80123