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Rhythm and Program

At this age, children are exploring the world around them. By setting up a beautiful, calm, home-like environment, our infants can spend time experiencing the world around them. We set up sensory, art, fine motor, gross motor, and group activities throughout our day to help develop many different skills for our infants. Infant classrooms are on more of an ‘on demand’ schedule—as far as feeding and napping—to best follow the routine you have established at home. Throughout the year the schedule will adjust based on developmental milestone markers and the groups needs. Diapering occurs every two hours, unless needed more often.

Our number one priority in our infant classrooms is providing a smooth transition between home and school.  We rely on two way communication prior to enrollment and as your child grows to honor your home schedule as much as possible in terms of naps and feeding.  While your child is awake we provide infant provocations to encourage tummy time, natural movements, sensory exploration, and more to encourage appropriate physical and cognitive development. 

As your child gets older, we will still be conscious of your home schedule, while adding in more classroom routines, such as:

in these classrooms, we reach towards developmental milestones such as...

  • Verbal and social skills through modeling by our teachers using kindness, problem-solving skills, and interacting with peers
  • Fine motor skills through age-appropriate art materials being introduced in a supportive environment
  • Exploring the world around us through unique sensory experiences with water, food, playdough, sand, slime, and more
  • Gross motor development through indoor/outdoor play spaces
  • Recognition skills through pictures, books, and a diverse vocabulary in the room
  • Language development through rhyme, rhythm, circle time, and stories
  • Exploring, Experimenting, Engaging!

the daily ryhthm.

  • 7:00

    Early Care Drop Off and Morning Breakfast

    Children who are not being fed are exploring the classroom environment

  • 8:00

    Child-led Free Play and Teacher-led Exploration
  • 9:00

    Morning Nap
  • 11:00

    Diapering and Feeding

    Lunch is served as children wake from their nap

  • 12:30

    Child-led Free Play and Teacher-led Exploration
  • 2:00

    Afternoon Nap
  • 4:00

    Diapering and Feeding

    Afternoon Snack is served as children wake from their nap

  • 4:30

    Free Play

one purpose.

cultivate humanity.

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